Effort, Consistency and Dedication.

We believe these are the elements that have earned us the award for the Best Up-and-Coming Winery 2024 in “Top 100: the 2024 Verona Wine Guide”, for the quality of our wines and our future growth prospects.

Our winery was described as a pleasant discovery in the heart of the Val d’Illasi, an area that offers a rich range of experience, thanks to the people, their traditions and their hard work. An array of orderly, carefully tended rows of vines are the pride of Cantina Sabaini, so we seek to preserve those native varieties that only our land can offer.

Our wines have been described as “faithful to and respectful of their place of origin” in a land whose roots run as deep as those of our vines. Challenges have been part of our philosophy for three generations now, driving us to improve, to keep pace with the times and to give our very best in a land that is as tough as it is rewarding.

In 2024, we’ll be endeavouring to ensure our Winery is able to express its potential to the full, following the pace nature sets for us every year.

What we’ve learned from the past, and the rigour and dedication we’ve invested in taking care of every little detail, have allowed us to achieve these results, which are just the first step on the long road to excellence.